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Federal Subsistence Board to Hold Work Session in Anchorage

The Federal Subsistence Board will hold a work session Wednesday, July 30, 2014 beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the Gordon Watson Conference Room located in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 7 Office, 1011 E. Tudor Road, Anchorage, Alaska. During the work session, the Board will discuss its annual report replies to the Regional Advisory Councils; discuss the status of the Memorandum of Understanding with the State that is set to expire in November 2014; finalize the Board field trip details to the Kuskokwim drainage and other issues related to Federal subsistence management. Additionally, during an executive session closed to the public, the Board will discuss the Regional Advisory Council nominations and develop recommendations to the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture for appointments.

The full agenda and any available meeting materials will be posted to the Federal Subsistence Management Program’s website (http://www.doi.gov/subsistence/board/index.cfm) prior to this meeting.

The public is welcome to attend the work session in person or by teleconference. To teleconference, dial 1-888-455-5897, the passcode is 3344290. If attending in person, photo identification, such as a driver’s license, must be presented at the building reception desk.

For additional information regarding this meeting contact the Office of Subsistence Management at (800) 478-1456 or (907) 786-3888 or by e-mail, subsistence@fws.gov. If you need special accommodations for disabilities, please contact the Office of Subsistence Management by July 15, 2014.

King Cove/Cold Bay


*Asterisk identifies action item.
Roll Call and Establish Quorum (Secretary)
Call to Order (Chair)
Welcome and Introductions (Chair)
Review and Adopt Agenda* (Chair)
Review and Approve Previous Meeting Minutes* (Chair)
Council member reports
805(c) Report
FSB Annual Report Reply
Chair’s report
Presentation of Service Awards
Public and Tribal Comment on Non-Agenda Items (available each morning)
Old Business (Chair)

  • Customary & Traditional Use Determination – Update (Pippa Kenner/David Jenkins)
  • Rural Determination Process Review – Update (OSM)

New Business (Chair)
Priority Information Needs for FRMP* (Karen Hyer/Trent Liebich)
Fisheries Regulatory Proposals* (Fisheries)
FP15-01(defining fishing hook as with or without barb)
Partners for Fisheries Monitoring Program Strategic Plan (Plan Work Group)
Identify Issues for FY2014 Annual Report* (Council Coordinator)
Recommended Changes to Nominations/Appointment Process* (Carl Johnson)
All-Council Meeting in Winter 2016 (Council Coordinator)
All-Chairs Meeting before January 2015 Board Meeting (Council Coordinator)
Agency Reports
(Time limit of 15 minutes unless approved in advance)

Future Meeting Dates*
Closing Comments
Adjourn (Chair)

To teleconference into the meeting, call the toll free number: 1-866-560-5984, then when prompted enter the passcode: 12960066
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife is committed to providing access to this meeting for those with a disability who wish to participate. Please direct all requests for accommodation for a disability to the Office of Subsistence Management at least five business days prior to the meeting. If you have any questions regarding this agenda or need additional information, please contact Carl Johnson, Council Coordination Division Chief at 907-786-3676, carl_johnson@fws.gov, or contact the Office of Subsistence Management at 1-800-478-1456 for general inquiries.